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                                 1850 IMMIGRATION                                    

           BEFORE                                               AFTER

Rostang             Richard                     LeClair             Chilson

Suavis                Caron                        Bowdish           Sherman

Ansili                 Raphael                      Moden             Miller

Ricaud               Giroux                       Rouse               Hicks

Blancard            Dubois                     Martin              Rowley

Marguerit          Vasseur                    Frenier             Parker

Bertet                 Chevlalier                 Ohiser             England

Bourdon            Giroud                       Pepple             Corning

Parenteau          Moreau                    Hackert

Arnaud              DeLauney                  Grovenburg

Marcou              Vallee                         Denick

Vachon               Landry                      Nelson

LaVoye               Leclerc                      Tiedeman

Farlardeau        Martel




   Leon Mayhew from Quebec

The family name MAYHEW is most often considered an English name      (e.g.,1641 Thomas Mayhew Martha's Vineyard proprietary colony).  However, in 1840, an English translation of the French name 'Mailloux' resulted in MAYHEW.  This variant in spelling hampered genealogical study prior to U.S. immigration.  Relying on family folklore and experimenting with the spelling of a variety of French surnames led to Quebec Family Historical Society records that broke through a 170-year brick wall.  We were able to connect our Mayhew family emigrant to the large French-Canadian Mailloux family and our French ancestry.


        MAYHEW (1840-Present)

The first French-Canadian emigrant to America from this Mayhew family was Pierre Mailloux's son, LEON MAILLOUX. In about 1840, along with hundreds of other French-Canadian emigrants, Leon arrived in Illinois.   It was here the Mailloux family name appeared as MAYHEW on an 1840 marriage document.


        MAILLOUX (1760-1840)

Generations (16,17,18) from L'Acadie, Quebec―including Leon Mailloux (the first emigrant), his father Pierre Mailloux, and his grandfather,   Pierre Mailloux  (1763-1826).


        MAILLOU (1580-1750)

Generations (13,14,15) were all born in New France (Quebec). Generations (10,11,12) from Matha, Poitou-Charentes, and Port LaRochelle in the Charente-Maritime region of France.


        MILLE (1320-1620)

The first nine (9) generations of this family were recorded as Mille, originating from the French areas of Bouches du Rhone and Aix-en Provence in the Cote d'Azure region―French Riviera.