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About This Collection


My private record collection is for sale.  I am not a commercial dealer, just an old guy that has collected vinyl for about 60 years and figures it is time to liquidate some of the things I've collected over the years.  I've spent a great deal of time preparing the sale these recordings. Cleaning each record by hand with solution and microfiber brush and playing 90% of them for skips and other surface conditions. 

The overall condition of the records in this collection would probably be considered average because it is a 'working collection' owned by a former disc-jockey.  However, when grading these recordings I've kept things real, describing the condition of each recording in conservative terms, i.e. when a record is in very nice condition I graded it VG+ or VG++, instead of EXC. The G+ copies in this collection would likely be considered VG in most eBay record auctions.

When available all records are stored with original company sleeves in the appropriate issue year according to the resource:  Records not in original sleeves are in new white paper or green paper sleeves.


3factors were considered in grading the quality of each disc. (1) Condition of the vinyl surface for gloss, surface wear, warp and damage. (2) Condition of label for shelf wear, changer wear, writing/stickers, and paper loss. (3) Sound quality for surface noise, scratches, and skipping.