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Mille - Mailloux       

Our Mayhew Family is French-Canadian with earliest ancestry records found in Aix en Provence, France. Originally recorded as MILLE, meaning grain worker, our family name was written MAILLOU in 17th century France. By the time the British occupied New France (abt.1760) our surname was changed again, this time to French-CanadianMAILLOUX.


The family name MAYHEW is an English surname. Most notable is English-American progenitor Thomas Mayhew (1593-1682) from Tisbury.  His 1642 farming and whaling enterprise was the first established European colony on Martha's Vineyard. 

In 1642 our New World progenitor, Pierre Arnaud Maillou (1635-1699), was a seven-year-old living with his family near Saintes, France. Fifteen years later found him aboard LaVierge, a 150-ton frigate out of La Rochelle bound for New France. With a month of luck and fair winds Pierre sailed over Newfoundland's Grand Banks and on up the St. Lawrence to dock at Quebec Citythe pioneer colony of barely fifty yearsfounded by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain. At age 22, Pierre was our family's first to arrive in the New World living in an outpost with fewer than fifty houses.  For the next three years he would be indebted to work off his passage to New France.                 Read about Pierre's son   >L                                    Jean Baptiste Maillou 

150 years after Pierre, Maillou evolved into Mailloux and finally became Mayhew (at least for this Mailloux family). The anglicization was assimilated by our French Canadian family soon after Leon Mailloux emigrated to Kane County, Illinois from L'Acadie, Quebec.   

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Pam K. 
  Leon Mayhew's 3x Great-Granddaughter

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